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Delilah (Leicestershire)
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Delilah (Leicestershire) *RESERVED*

Delilah is a female Toy Poodle

Date of birth 25/12/2018
Foster in Leicestershire

Delilah was originally rescued in China. We hate to think what she went though but she had an old broken leg. This has since been amputated. She is doing really well. 3 legs don't stop her at all.

Delilah is a sweet, gentle, but needy little girl. She is desperate to be stroked and hugged, when you stop stroking she would climb inside of you if she could.

She has been clean in her foster home, however we can't guarantee this.

Delilah doesn't like being alone, she is very sociable and loves being with people.

Delilah can live with other dogs or on her own if she's not being left too long. She has also lived with cats with no issues. 

Older sensible children

Any resident dogs must be neutered and proof provided from your vet

To apply, there are no forms, simply message our Facebook page or email with full details of why you are the best home for Delilah and how you match her full criteria

Due to the costs in getting her here safely, her adoption fee is higher

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