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A huge part of our rescue is our amazing, dedicated team of foster carers, who without, we couldn't save as many dogs.

  • Fostering is when a dog is given temporary care in your home whilst awaiting their forever home. Each dog requiring a foster place will be matched to the most appropriate home for them.

  • Whilst in foster we ask the dog is given a safe, clean, calm environment for them to begin to learn and in most cases begin to trust.

  • A warm dry bed (indoors), good food and most of all love.

  • We would cover all necessary vet treatment, after consulting with one of our foster coordinators.

  • All resident dogs must be neutered.

  • All children to be over 10 years old.

  • Every foster home is required to sign a foster agreement outlining your responsibilities and ours.

Please be aware that not all dogs will be house trained or lead trained however full support is given to all our fosters with regards to basic training.

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