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Diego (Cumbria)
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Diego (Cumbria) *RESERVED*

Diego is a male Smooth Coat Chihuahua

Date of birth 3/4/2024

Foster in Cumbria, near Carlisle

Diego came into our care with his 2 brothers as they have very clear movement issues. He has Cerebellar Hypoplasia, which affects the way he moves. Diego, even though the smallest, is the strongest. He can walk, in his own special way from A to B. He can nearly feed himself he just needs a little help with this. As he grows his muscles will get stronger, but he may benefit from a cart when older. He is looking for an experienced home that can give hi the time and care he needs. His little personality is coming out and he loves to play. He is looking for a home with other small, not boisterous dogs, or on his own if he isn't being left. This is a condition he will live with all his life but can have a good quality of life, just a different one.

Older children only

Any resident dogs must be neutered and proof provided from your vet 

To apply, there are no forms, simply message our Facebook page or email with full details of why you are the best home for Diego and how you match his full criteria 

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