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Rosie (Billingham)
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Rosie (Billingham)

Rosie is a female Cavalier cross Poodle

Date of birth 07/06/2021

Foster in Billingham

Rosie is a happy, young, playful, bouncy little girl. 

She is looking for an active home.

Rosie adores other dogs to play with and charge around with. She is looking for a home preferably with another young, active dog. If she is an only dog it would need to be an active home such as agility to keep her brain working. 

Rosie has been clean in the home, however we can't guarantee this. She walks well on the lead. 

Currently in foster with cats, shes interested in them and likes to wash them but will chase, so dog savvy cats only or none.

Children 10 plus

Any resident dogs must be neutered and proof provided from your vet

To apply, there are no forms, simply message our Facebook page or website with full details of why you are the best home for Rosie and how you match her full criteria 

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