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Nessie (Leicestershire)
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Nessie (Leicestershire) *RESERVED*

Nessie is a female, Toy Poodle

Date of birth 05/11/2020

Foster in Leicestershire

Nessie is one of the sweetest, most gentle little girls. She's very unsure of humans and won't approach them, however once she trusts you she chooses to cuddle up next to you on sofa.

Nessie has had an awful life in China and spent a long time in a crate. This has mentally affected her and she will circle and pace when she's stressed. She is looking for a home that will provide her with a crate still, after so many years in one she struggles to be out of her crate when not with foster mum, so when foster mum goes out, Nessie goes in her crate and is calm. This will just need time for her to feel relaxed enough without it. 

Nessie must be homed with other small, confident dogs, as she's settling her cheeky side is coming out doing little zoomies and attempting to play.

She has a possible old injury to her right hip but this causes no issues at all

Nessie can live with cats

Children 16 plus as she needs a quiet calm home.

Any resident dogs must be neutered and proof provided from your vet

To apply, there are no forms, simply message our Facebook page or email with full details of why you are the best home for Nessie and how you match her full criteria 

Due to the costs in getting her here safely, her adoption fee is higher

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