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Milo (Lancaster)
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Milo (Lancaster) 

Milo is a male, Smooth Coat Chihuahua

Date of birth 4/11/2015

Foster in Lancaster

Milo is one of 4 little dogs that were rescued from living in a shed for 2 years. He;s a very sweet little boy, a  little shy to begin with. 

He is in foster with other small dogs but can be a little bossy around his bed space. He can live with another small calm dog or on his own, if it is an experienced home.

He has lived a very sheltered life so the outside world can be a bit overwhelming to begin with so will need ongoing help with his socialising.

He will need reminding about his toilet training to begin with but is picking ti up very quickly.

Milo has low grade luxating patellas. He has lost some weight and is doing really well with this, so a home that will continue to help him with his fitness.

Not cat tested

Older sensible children only

Any resident dogs must be neutered and proof provided from your vet

To apply, there are no forms, simply message our Facebook page or website with details why you are the best home for Milo and how you match his full criteria 

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