Miss Ceecee Bloom (Leicestershire)
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Miss Ceecee Bloom (Leicestershire)

Miss Ceecee Bloom is a female Toy Poodle.

Date of birth 15/9/2012

Foster in Leicestershire

Miss Ceecee bloom is one of our dogs saved from China.

Ceecee is an incredibly scared girl, so is looking for a very specific home. 

She is looking for a pack home, only small dogs and must be more than 2. The dogs must be tolerant as she likes to sit on them. She gets any little bits of confidence shes gained so far from being with the other dogs in foster. She is terrified of bigger dogs and people. Foster home is working hard with her to trust and she does accept foster mum on her terms. Ceecee uses pet steps to get onto the sofa and that is her safe place. She then chooses to sit next to foster mum and have a fuss, however if foster mum stands she then panics. She currently only accepts one person.

Once she is in a routine she is going in the garden with the other dogs for the toilet, however she doesn't take herself out.

Ceecee is also terrified on the lead, she is ok in very quiet areas, but not if she can see or hear people.

Not cat tested.

No children, 18 plus.

Any resident dogs must be neutered and proof provided from your vets

Chipped, vaccinated, neutered and shes had a dental

Home check and adoption donation apply. Due to the incredibly high costs to get her here from China, her adoption donation is higher at £600